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Trying to create a believable back story for your zombie outbreak? Look no further! It all starts here, deep within an underground testing facility, bio- weapons are being produced with black market chemicals, capable of releasing the most devastating plague known to man. Or…something like that! You decide what these walls are containing and we’ll do the rest. This is a two part façade, that can be purchased individually or together.
Left side is 10ft tall and 20ft wide with a central working door. Lots of add on details make these rusty walls look as if they’ve been abandoned for years. Comes in 5 separate 4x10 panels with vents and pipes labeled for easy set up. For no extra charge we will customize the spray paint markings specifically for your event!


Right side spans 16 feet and features 2 ominous tilting pillars and industrial gate designed to keep the outside world from venturing within. Faux barbed wire adorns the top for even more protection. $2,150

For an additional
$250 we can make the inner 8ft of the gate into a working, hinged double door to allow for guest entrance or exit.

Buy both and combine them for the ultimate testing facility façade for only

The Village of Darkness